Central Idea

The fifth chapter in “The Arrival” is very important chapter because that shows how important is immigrants miss their family. The immigration is to hard because you went to a new place where nobody doesn’t know you, and you have to start everything new. The main character is how the men feel because far away of his family and that why he is feeling sad and depressed.  This can be seen because he look the picture of his family a lot.


In what we can see is that an immigrant man who misses his family and always.Sends him a letter. And always going to your pet and companion where the past is a very strange way oja. That you can see that the hours are very strange and we can see that his pet has a family and when his pet he feels sad for his family but also his family sends him a letter and that is why he is very happy.


They are many different types of setting in chapter V of The Arrival. The setting in chapter V is inside in a bedroom with a different season we know this because of the flower in different season outside the window. The father see the picture of his family in the apartment lonely with nobody next to him with a lot of space with a lot of clothes hanging  in all the part of the house.

When you go outside you can see the tree growing in different season. When the man go outside you can see that is winter and see a few people walking to work because of the cold. It’s was winter the bird immigrate to another place when the man was walking and saw his family from far away and i was running to them so i can give them a hug and told them that i will never live you guys.


The drawing of migrant on a ship pays homage to a painting by Tom Roberts, going south, 1886, at the national gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.    In australia, people don’t stop to imagine what it’s like for some of these refugees. They just see them as a problem once they’re here, without thinking about the bigger picture. I don’t expect the book to change anybody’s opinion about things, but if it at least makes them pause to think, i’ll feel as if i’ve succeeded in something.  

Literary Elements

This image from Chapter V, offer the readers another example of a different type of conflict. While the father in the story, leave his family and travels to a new land for work and money, the distance between him and his family convert into a problem.

This images show clearly some internal conflict that help support the central idea. Internal conflict is when somebody has problems with his/her heart or mind, this image show the sadness and depression as internal conflict because he miss his family but he want to help then to send money. After the father left his country the most notable conflict was sadness and depression.

The picture he’s looking at is the first thing that can represent the depress, it means he feel bad to be apart of his family. The darkness in the bedroom can represent the sadness he feel, as we know the dark is a way to represent the sad feelings.

Wrap Up

Chapter V is a very important part of “The Arrival”. The author shows us to many point of views that the immigrants have in the life. The men shows us that the immigrants who leave their family,  miss athem a lot. The author shows this with the literary element of conflict. The father has an internal conflict because he wants to be with his family, but cannot because they are in a different country.


CC BY-SA 4.0 T4P. The Arrival. Chapter 5. by Josselin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Jonathan Castro 1 year ago

    is interesting how explain the book is awesome

  2. Edwin 1 year ago

    Dear T4P

    I am happy with your post symbolism in the chapter V of the Arrival because we can understand the situations about immifrations that is too hard by go to another place for have better life.

    the wrap up is very well because have a good explication for example ” the father has an internal conflict because he wants to be with his family but he cannot because he went for another country” in this quote we can understand the situations that the fahter have.

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