Chapter 1


In this history i see a family alegre and beautiful,the father with the family maybe going to the other country, but the father can’t go with his family and the girl is so sad because she know that he live and in the city there was a very large dragon and the girl and the mother went with the father to the train station. That dragon was all over the city, while the train waited for the father of his

hat pulled a paper dove the girl took it and hugged him when he said goodbye to the mother cried and held his hand released her and climbed the steps to get on the train, while the mother was going back home dragon was still throughout the city.


Literary Element:

This  image shows a family that will be separated, the father will go to another country for a better life and then his family will come and then they will be together again.


This image conveys a sad feeling in a complicated environment, the literary element in this image is mood The evidence is shown in their faces that look bad and the hand of the wife on the hand of her husband as they say goodbye.


Central Idea

The possible theme that is shown in this chapter is it is difficult to leave your family. The proposition of him leaving the house is something bad for the family. this is the most difficult because the family is the most important, and now the family will separate.The reader can see this in their faces that look bad and the hand of the wife on the hand of her husband as they say goodbye. The father doesn’t want to leave, his wife did not want him to leave it was difficult at that time to raise a girl by herself without help from his father.


but he has to leave to provide a welfare to his family, for more opportunities and so that his daughter can have a better future.

For this father, the family is the most important because he loves his family and if his family is well he will also be. In the first paragraph, we can tell by the face of the couple that they are sad. the sad wife cries because her husband will leave. The man is sad because he did not want to go and leave his daughter and his wife, but he leaves so he can help support them and give them a better life.




this setting in chapter 1 shows the home of the family. IT also shows how the wife does not want her husband to leave her alone with the girl. It is difficult at that time a single mother and a little girl, especially because of the monster that lives in the town. the before he leaves, he has breakfast for the last time with his family. The man  doesn’t know if he will come home or see his family again. the father had to leave, because there was a monster that invaded the city, the tube to go to a city where he had no one and he missed his family. but everything was for a new life. the more every day he passed felt alone, and made letters to his family to not feel so alone since a monster made him separate from her and this house are not together.




the most difficult part of this family is that they have to separate because of a monster.the father had to leave for this cause, the wife holds his hand so that he does not leave but he has to do it for them both for the girl and for her. This family is very humble and united and even though he does not stop thinking about his family, he always sends him letters to keep them in mind. there is no distance that separates two equal souls.

This was created by: Annie Guillen Jennys Pimentel And Emely Marte



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  1. William 2 years ago

    It’s nice but they need to be more specific…

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