Love is love

Love is visiting my father in the hospital


Love is helping my mom clean the dishes


Love is buying my sister her watch

Love is fighting with my older brother

Love is hugging my sister like she’s a bear that is chunky, but funny that giggles when you hug

Love is sending clothes to Yemen

Love is picking up my friend’s stuff, when they cant

Love is making people laugh like their guts will fall out onto the floor, until they faint

Love is making people smile, smile, till they get red

Love is digging holes with my grandfather in his backyard

Love is praying each day like it’s our last prayer, you can die anytime

Love is respecting beliefs like a boss keeping things together

Love is Love



CC BY-SA 4.0 Khalid poem by Khalid is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Jadyn 1 year ago

    Dear Khalid,

    Your poem was great. I like how you explained love in different ways and forms. You said love can be visiting your dad in the hospital, helping your mom do dishes, or showing compassion like hugging your sister. I believe your trying to say that love doesn’t just have to be someone having a boyfriend or girlfriend and they have love for eachother , but can be someone like your mom, sister , or dad. I also like how you showed in you poem different ways you express your love for the people you care about. You talking about how you hug your sister is a way you show your love for her. When you explained it you did very well you said ¨Love is hugging my sister like she’s a bear that is chunky, but funny that giggles when you hug¨ that was said very well and a great simile. Overall you did very good.

    Great Job,

    Jadyn W.

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