The Arrival Chapter V


  Central Idea:  The fifth chapter in the book( The Arrival) is a very important chapter because it shows the reader how the father feel because he missing his family after he moved away from his home so



In the chapter V at the beginning show us how the bird is preparing for the arrival of their babies and is looking for their food, then we can see that the man is preparing a very important shipment for his family there is sent money and a letter in the form of a bird of his little daughter, then we can see how he leaves the place where is living to make this happen to his family, first he ask a lady where he can find a place to send, then this and she tells him that there is a delivery place where he can send you what he needs to get them to go to this pace and place him in a bison as in a box, this until waiting for the response of his family, the he spends a lot time without answering them until snow falls in this place and still does not know if he will have arrived, after a long time he is watching as the bird feeds his children and them that reminds his family of the was next to his pet remembering them, suddenly there is a noise and he runs down to see what he is and he is surprised to see that he has already received the answer he was expecting so much was a letter from his family, the bird was also very happy, them he looks at the window and see a big balloon in the sky and comes out what it was, and apparently it was his wife and daughter who come out of the big box, his wife was half confused did not know where he was and the girl also the man when he sees them  starts to scream until they heard him and the gin pullet a big smile when she saw her father, the wife let go of the suitcase and the hat fell off and they started to run towards each until they met halfway on the way and give yourself a big

Hug after so long of not seeing each other.


Setting: It’s the morning and He was like sad, because he out, he was see his memories “with his family”, he are alone with his animal, maybe he going to see his family, he was alone in this place, he distraction it’s read a some books.

Research:   According to the book the man comes from a country which is doing landing by shadow that apparently are beasts that are around their house and we can realize that comes from a place without  many resources.

Where is him? After he left his house and family he stay on small room with animal who since he arrived it’s following him now he is working to send money to his family and at least they can eat.

Literary Elements:is the imagery, the imagery represent the mood in him like sadness but at the same time is the reason why he still working and morning forward despite of the distance between him and is family, the shadow and his face down show,


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  1. Edwin 6 months ago

    Dear T4O, I am Edwin Henriquez from T4N and you guys have a problem in central idea, the central idea is very tiny and do not have many information

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