Central Idea:

Friendship makes life  better.


When you are in a different place where you don’t know anyone, the life is so hard and difficult, however when you have friend supporting you this can help you to make the  life easier.


In The Arrival by Shaun Tan we can see an idea of how difficult is life in a foreign place without a friend or familiar, but, in this image we can see how the world can change when you are with a friend who is helping you to be better and putting his trust on you.



In the chapter IV, the father wakes up a little sad but then he smile, so dresses and breakfast is prepared. The father goes out as always with hope of finding a job, sits and takes and breaks from so many attempts he saw a man and he approached him this helped him find a job as a messenger did not end well and got another in a bottle factory, An older man took a swig and checked him when he was a soldier who was going to be the only victim of the act. Then they left work to observe the field where many died and today was a landscape, they found a few friends, and in which they ended up playing or showing something.



I see a big yellow thing and it throws a lot of yellow light and windy and the trees that are seeing this are getting a different color and people are finding out that is that big yellow thing because it is his world and the animals are different because they have a yellow color and the water is already covered in brown and the color brown.


The author of The Arrival, shaun Tan, grew up in Australia. And was a boy who want to make something different because he take a series of stories of people migration and make a book with the things that they said to him. He don’t use language or dialogue during all of the book, he just use like facial language and you can know how people feel with the expression that  they have. And in this case he show how difficult can be to a person leave him family to work hard a give a better life, when he go to other country and without him family. That information come from (wikipedia )


Literary element:

One literary element that can show us from this chapter is the “Personification”. Personification is a literary element where the dead stuff become alive and have actions like humans. In this chapter and in this image have pretty examples like the animals that there are pets. Other examples are the papers of form of birds. Those examples are personification because they suppose to be a dead thing without vitals things.The pets are like people because they help and be with the person every time. This support the central idea because the central idea talk about have a friend to help us doing some things and this pets help the people there.


Wrap up: 

On conclusión Chapter IV is a very important part of The Arrival. The father start to find a new job so he talked with so many people that they don’t want him to work for them but in a moment he found a men that help him to find a job. In the job he met a man that was on the army of that place and started to become friends. In this image is where this friend take the man to play with others guys and be happy for the rest of the time.


This post was wrote by:

Gamiely Cruz

Luis Campos

Andrew Marin

Albert Cuc

Carla Tejeda


CC BY-SA 4.0 T4O. The Arrival. Chapter IV by Gamiely is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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