Central idea.

The third chapter of the “Arrival” is one of the important chapter that the author was based because it shows to the author some types of realities. In this part of the “Arrival” the main characters are the people who are running away, these people leave their country because of many problems, also when some of them immigrate to other country, the author also shows the motivations that made a lot of the people to leave where they belong, (the meaning Motivation are push and pull factors), but in this case the push factors is what make them leave their home and maybe their own family, in the chapter three of the “Arrival” by Shaun Tan, the author shows the central idea based on “People just escape for different couple reasons”.



In chapter three, the people are trying to escape from the giants that try to kill them. The giants are strawing a lot of people to kill them all or burn them, some of who tried escape were also absorbed, but others did escape and were safe, giants not only absorb men, otherwise they also absorb women too, that’s why they left their home country because they were on a place of dying and destruction, some people from the place of big giants settle to another country because they can not stand a lot of damages that they have suffered before, it could be hard for the people to be on other country because they have to speak the same language as other people from the same neighborhood does it and they don’t know how to communicate to another person, in other case people escape by selling jewelry, houses and lands they have lived before, when the giants were absorbing people it was very awful because the probability that some of survive was a lower balance if they stay for longer in their house or streets, the giants would kill them all unless they go to other “homeland” even though sometimes travel to another place is to avoid dangerous situation could be a good idea, unfortunately sometimes it could be very dangerous because the people that travel to another country feel so confused even if this is a first time ever, they feel that way just because of no speaking the same language, and no be part of a community with less danger.         


There are many different setting in chapter III of The Arrival. The setting of chapter III the setting changes, showing the reader different  places and time. When the father was on the new country he could see a big bridge and many flying boat around. The flying boats reminds the reader how magical is this new land for immigrants to go to a new country. In the girls flash the author shows the reader a dark picture which this picture shows depression and also the colors and the shadows shows that the picture are from the pass                                           

The Travel Tracer.                

Shaun tan  is an illustrator and author 1974 in fremantle western Australia the studied in Balcatta senior high school and the was know there as the good drawer and the most to become a genetic scientist but after enrolling in a special art.program for talent and gifted and also student, he decided pursuing a career in arts. Shawn ton  completed his graduation in the 1995 from the university of western Australia where the studied English and literature and arts and history.

Literary Element

In the chapter 3 In the pages 66 and 67, Is a example of a push factor that is a reasons why the people try to leave their country, In the image are a big people with large are vacuum cleaner , trying to suck people and people are running training save their live, the image obviously show that the people are forced to leave that country.

In the image are different symbols, that the author used to support the central idea that people are forced to leave their country and also to can understand the image clearly.

The big people with the large vacuum cleaner represent the terrorism because they try to suck the people that means try to kill them, and the people leave their country to stay safe of terrorism, that symbolize that although the people don’t want left their country they have to do it.

Also the people running away symbolize people leave their country and move a new one to have a safe and different life.


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