Central idea

According at the first chapter on (The arrival),l is important part because it show us how the peoples and families leave of theirs  countries because sometimes on ours country’s things dangerous happens, and the only choice we have have is left ours homes. We can see this on the first chapter on (The arrival) when a little family ( a little girl, his father and his mom )are walking away to leave of theirs countries because on theirs country is happening something bad ( a big monster is getting power) so the family is trying to escape. on the real life we can see it with the (immigration). The immigration is dangerous because the events show us how people’s leave of theirs countries because the system is too bad and there are not security for people. Then the bad things get powers for countries so we have to go to another place where we can be safe and get a better life for us. We can see the push factor on this because on this history the monster is getting power so people don  want that something bad happen to them. So the pull factor is that people don’t want to be bad so they go to others place to be better and get a good security for each one.


In chapter 1 the man is packing a photo of his family and putting it in the suitcase. he goes to the kitchen and spends some time with his wife and they hold hands with sad faces.then his daughter wakes up, and while she’s eating breakfast she stares at the suitcase with a sad face. then they all get ready to take him to the train station. while they walk through the dark and scary city, there’s like a monster hunting the city. when they get to the train station the man gives an origami bird to his sad  daughter.they hug and cry, then he got on the train, and his wife and daughter go back home.


The author Shaun Tan hi is a father of girl and together his wife and a poor family.

Shaun tan grew up in the Australia and he studied  science in school but when he finished his studies, he became an artist. He created many illustrated books winning the prize as Astrid Lindgren, he is known for his dream images. He was inspired by his life in Australia where there is a long history of immigration from China, his father emigrated to China before he was born. He wanted to combine the same history  of Immigration similar to the one from Australia to China.

The travel tracer

There’s a man that is running from the disaster of  his dark city covered by a giant monster with vacuum that they may not even know about . he left his family behind to try look for a better future for them and then bring them anywhere he is stable and when he gets  enough money he will bring over, but while he is at a new country his life changed because he doesn’t understand the language and the environment is different. But he needs to hurry up and get the money to take his family out of the disaster they living in.

Literary elements

The literary element is characterization we see this throughout the book.We could see a lot of different emotion like sad,happy,confuse.The images on the book represent the immigration, the author uses images to illustrate how immigration is like.   We can see sad peoples, hands that not gonna be together for along time, this chapter show us how immigration brake family and it is very sad. and we see that the monster is a principal factor as a symbol of pain of their lives I think the monster shows the misery that they are living where are.



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