The fourth chapter in The Arrival is a chapter that has many important things because it shows many points of view. These points of view show the difference lives for the people . The author tries show that the life of immigrants is hard.  The people that travel of form immigrants don’t have legal paper to work in some place like drop out need working in place like factories . The man is walking around of the people that are working. He checks if the people are working well. The people that work in the factory you could say that they worked as slaves because they work all time and they don’t rest , if they rest the possibility that they stole there job . The form of work is to much forced the people can work like 16 hours do not stop of work .


The literary element that is present in this picture is the conflict because this people for survive need working in place dangerous .”This look a factory”. The people need to work as hard as the big machine. The faster the machine moves, the faster the people will need to work. This is very hard to do for the people, because machines do not get tired, but people do.  If the people slow down or stop working, they might lose their jobs. They need the job to help support their family, so they have to work very hard.


In this picture we see many people work in different parts of this machine , working for money. I think that the people that working here are immigrants between them. The immigrants travel to other country for can have a better future and have a good salary and i also think that the people are working like a machine because they just standing there and working and the man who is walking there is the manager.


in chapter  IV the setting taking place in the new land were the man travel to.

The man’s new home has new strange animals, jobs, and even a lot of people walking around the city. Also people in the new land speak another language and also they are working like a machine  even though they have a big machine in the background. Next, we flashback to the old man’s story in 18th century, he went to war there were a lot of guns ,bomb ,and beautiful houses. After the war there were a lot of chaos ,houses were destroyed   there were bones of people who died and the only person who survive is the old man. This shows the destructive effects of war on people and society.


Why does the animal follow him to all the places he goes?

Why do each person have an animal?

How are people similar to the machine?



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  1. Diana 2 years ago

    Dear Madelyne

    I am happy because you talking about the immigrant people with your post, “The Arrival. Chapter 4,” because you show many points, and also you change the people life, that people was working with the big machine and they need to take the factory,
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: in that picture you can see to many people working in the different machine an also the person need to work because they have to many opportunity to have a work ,

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