Romeo and Juliet had a cruel and short romance.

Their love was kept a secret,

not everyone gets a chance.


They held the delicate petals that spelled out privilege and power,

And the key to their true love was a lovely, lovely flower.


Then Juliet took the remedy to her broken, aching heart.

When what she really needed was a remedy for families torn apart.


Love is a privilege

Romeo and Juliet were,

their love peaked at infinity,

It became a loud alert of amber.


Warning it was,

Their love was so strong, it could of overpassed borders


But alas,


The Capulets wouldn’t allow true love and they held back Juliet,

so their grudge caused chaos and a world of disorder.


The Prince held power, and imposed upon them a threat,

They would have to forget the very day they met.


The Montagues held true love back,

And so Romeo lost the most important thing to him,

the only one true lover.


Both full of faith cleaned up a disastrous scenario.



When did the petals fly away?

Society was the oppressor.


They needed to find a solution,

They went away

He decided to lastly kiss her.


The end to their romance was hideous

A tragedy.

Sometimes privilege isn’t bad

But there is always  an oppressing, unfair,

“Your majesty”.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Love is a Privilege by Ivy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Beatriz 11 months ago

    Dear Ivy,
    I am very amazed by your poem because I can see you put so much effort in writing it so that we could see a connection to Romeo and Juliet. One part of your poem that stands out to me is you used a flower to represent what was happening to romeo and juliet. Reading your poem was very to me because it was very creative and my favorite line was “They held the delicate petals that spelled out privilege and power, And the key to their true love was a lovely, lovely flower”. Thank you very much for sharing this poem and I can’t wait to see what other work you create next.

  2. Joey 11 months ago

    To Ivy,
    Thanks for sharing your piece! I really liked this poem, not only for the smart rhymes that you managed to incorporate into your poem, but because of the way it flowed. The section I like the most was the last five lines. One of the reasons I liked it was because it was one of the strongest rhymes, but I was also a little confused with what you meant by “Your Majesty.” Were you referring to someone with lots of privilege being the oppressor? Thank you so much for writing, I look forward to reading what you next.

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