Hi my name is Evelin Espinoza, this poem is about escaping from violence. Overall is people escaping the corruption of Mexico and moving to the USA. 


Blood running down around the streets,

Rivers, Rivers , Rivers

Blood like Rivers,

People running away,

Screams heard from every corner,

Children crying.

Bullets flying like navy airplanes.

Televisions on,

news all around.

What is this for?

What do they win?

What do they want?

Everyone praying to God that all this,

All this violence to stop.

living in fear,

Not able to enjoy the city,

Not able to go out without being afraid.

“no vas a ir afuera”


“No voy a estar con el pendiente que estés en peligro”.

Coming back,

Without my family,

Leaving my mind on them and the people,

The corruption of the country making its people escape.

Two countries not getting along

Not able to live without oppressing each other.

One with power and one with corruption,

The people sacrificing themselves

For what?

Is for a better future.



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  1. Christina 2 years ago

    Dear Evelin,
    I liked how you used words in Spanish to express fear. With that fear it shapes your whole poem. I also like how you make nice how you used questions in your poem to make it clear people that people are confused. This also shows me that there are multiple personalities in fear. Overall your poem is moving and i hope you keep writing.
    Christina : )

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