Author: Elisa

Who I am by Elisa Torres

Who am I? I’m Isaac Torres but I prefer to be called Elisa. And about me, I don’t talk much yet I do a lot of work and try my best to pass. I’m very friendly to people. I was born on Jan 13, 2000 in the Bronx, New York. I have lived in New York all of my life with my family. I like to act a lot in school, also outside too, or draw a lot, but I’m not good – I’m trying my best to draw well, but I’m good at acting; that’s what people have told me. My plan in the future is to become a movie actor and make movies.

I was born in the U.S so I’m not a immigrant. I’m Puerto Rican but I mostly speak English, my Spanish isn’t really good, my culture speaks Spanish mostly but I understand what they are saying. My family speaks mostly Spanish to me but they do understand what I say in English.

There was a event that happened when I was young and it was firemen saving people from a bomb that went off inside a building. It happened in New York and I was just walking, going home, and I saw a fire and smoke. There were a lot of firemen and some people outside helping the people in the building. It was sad because some people died and some firemen died.