Hi my name is Oscar, I’m a 9th grader and I wrote this poem about war and violence and how it does not help our planet at all. I wrote this poem and connected back to Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare because it was the book that I was reading at the time. I hope you really like this poem thank you for taking your time to read my work!



Why do we need war?

To see hatred come alive

Or to see

Death bloom like

A flower
What does war do?

Does it just make people suffer?

Like Romeo and Juliet

When the Montague and the Capulets

Could not come to peace.

What does war create?


*police sirens*

*gun shots*

Why do we have violence?

Just to show who is the better killer?

Or to show who’s the better survivor?

I’ve seen a lot of violence in my life

From down the street to big countries

I can’t escape violence, it’s everywhere

Every corner of the street every city of the world

It’s inevitable.

I’ve always dreamed of a place with no violence

A place where every race every religion

Every person felt safe and secure

And that every person is a puzzle piece

That we can come together to form


every day on the news I see

This person killed, this person robbed, this person shot this school,

This person in power said this about this group of people.

Can we not create peace with each other are we just the Montagues and the Capulets

who fight each other for no reason

Or are we the servants who those in power keep us encapsulated

Into the bubble of oppression

Those servants that we cannot create a rhythm for ourselves

But instead create hatred and fight back with our swords and guns

Creating our hatred into monster that will soon fight back at us

Or are we just creating a plague on both our houses.

  1. Jesus Morales 1 year ago

    I like that you did a subject of war when war is the ugliest thing in the world and I am happy that someone made a project about it.

  2. Edwin 2 years ago

    Dear Oscar,

    Hi it’s Edwin and I wanted to say that I like how you connect your poem to Shakespeare and to the community of Oakland and the world at the same time! Its very understandable when reading it because it relates to many moments that happened this year which were based on violence and war. Also I wanted to ask you that why did you made this poem based on violence and war and what was its purpose? Thank you for your time. Have a great day!

    Edwin M.

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