This piece of literature is about how the economy can ruin the minds of the undermined communities and individuals can be broken from it but also how they are more human than other more powerful people.



You hear that

It’s the sound of economy

All day

Every day

But some can’t hear it

You might say their ears

Are broke

Ignorance isn’t bliss

It harms them

It feeds on them

It grows from them

Their power sucked away from them like water next to roots

Losing more than what shouldn’t be lost

Will power

The will to go further

The will to bounce back like an inflatable punching bag

Is gone

Their pockets are broke

Their items are broke

Their mental health is broke

Some can’t emote

Some can’t feel

Some can’t speak

Some can’t think

They get rejected like my mom’s credit card being rejected from John Wick

They live on street lights and filth

Knowing that they didn’t mess up

Power messed them up

The power of the weak

Is true strength

The strength to know their identity

Which isn’t them

But people

People is who they are

And anyone or thing that is broke

Can be fixed




  1. Joseph 2 years ago

    Dear Diego,
    What an elaborate poem. It’s almost deceiving how each line is so short yet the over all poem has a very deep message behind it. And it’s very impressive to me that you were able to convey such a deep message with such few lines and words. I don’t think I could ever do something like that. I also appreciate the bits of humor in your poem. Overall, your poem was amazing. Keep up the great work!
    Joseph Thornton

  2. Coralie 2 years ago

    Dear Diego,
    Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. It is really good. A line that stood out to me was
    “Knowing that they didn’t mess up
    Power messed them up” because I think that line could have different meanings. I like that this poem addressed the problems of money and the problems of not having money. Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to reading your next post.


  3. Jacob 2 years ago

    Gisselle, this was VERY cash money of you. I think that a lot of aspects that can be contrived from the economic turmoil of recent times goes overlooked. This did a very good job about addressing that. Here’s a link that may be able to hep you in your further studies:

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