Author: Beatriz

Two genders

In this poem I wrote it was about sexism in our society and how it connects to Romeo and Juliet. In my poem its Females and Males against each other while in the book Romeo and Juliet it was the Montagues against the Capulets. I hope you enjoy my poem! 


Two genders

Female and male.

Both have differences that make them different from each other.

Mostly in stories it’s the rich people versus the poor people.

But here in this story we live in it’s males versus females

What makes Males seem more superior is that they have more

Privilege than Females do.

Females get portrayed as butterflies without wings being too weak to fly

While males get portrayed as leaders

They get told their strong like lions.

The wars/fights these two genders have

Is with words and actions.

Their mouths are guns

Their words are bullets

That hurt each other.

Since they are rivals all they can have is hatred

In their hearts

But no room for peace.

How long will this conflict keep on going?

When will they realize that it’s better to come together and create peace.

Rather than to be separated from each other like if they

Were Romeo and Juliet.

As a female myself I feel as if we should all stop the hate because it’s killing

Positivity in the world and bringing down people especially us females

Who get told were not valuable like gold.

We should all come together and make a change in society

That will make peace sprout

And hate be unknown.

Two genders

Female and male.

There should not be a gender who’s better than another because were all humans

Who should not be selfish for power or to be seen as better by putting others down.

We all need to put our hearts up and all negativity away

That encapsulates us from a better society.