Dear reader I wrote this poem because I hear my parents and other family always talk about how Oakland is changing. They tell me about different things that are changing around the city. So when it was time to make a poem for my class I was thinking on what to do and i thought oh I should do it on gentrification since I know so much about it and then this is what I created and ended with. Hope You Like It!-Jadyn


They’re Coming



Cultural Context Shifting

Blacks being pushed out

Getting treated like criminals in our own hometown

BBQ Becky ,Permit Patty, Pool Patrol Paula, Wake Up Suzie ,I.D Sam

Condo after Condo being built

Rent being raised

They buy their houses while we become evicted

Where do they expect us to go?

They were just saying Oakland is the most dangerous city, everyone stay away…now their walking around our neighborhoods with Oaklandish shirts

They’re coming

A new sprouts store built for you but a new liquor store built for us

Gentrification is real

New Oakland residents calling the cops on peaceful people of color

trying to stop our happiness, our membership, our association with this city

Treating us as if we are on the other other side of an invisible fence, treating us as if we our tourists in our own neighborhood

They’re Coming

Cultural landmarks our people knew beginning to disappear

Genova Deli shut down

Dorsey’s Locker Soul Food Restaurant shut down

The burrito Shop shut down

What is going on in our community?

 From the words of Shakespeare “Parting is such is such sweet sorrow from our place we call Oakland ¨

From they’re coming till now we’re standing

We’re Standing

I was once told if your not apart of the solution your apart of the problem

So I am writing this poem to declare to the gentrifiers that we as a Bay Area representing people of all colors who was born and raised here will be standing for equality and unity “A rose by by any other name would be as sweet” So I end by saying

I love all humanity but this poem is about fairness

So we’re standing for

Fairness for rent control

Fairness of Accountability for Police Brutality

Fairness for stricter punishments to these who abuse 911 calls for their own pets advantage

Lastly my final words from Shakespeare

“It’s easy for someone to joke about scars if they have never been cut” which means Its hard for you to understand it if your not living it

We’re Standing


  1. Zane 2 years ago

    Dear Jaydn,
    Thank you so much for sharing your poetry, I really love it. My favorite line for the poem is “I love humanity but this poem is about fairness.” I like this quote because it shows what your trying to project with this poem. Something I relate to in this poem is talking about being treated unfairly because of something they cannot control. I know a lot of people that have that same problem and I love that you are really trying to help the issue.


  2. Kanika 2 years ago

    Dear Jadyn

    <code>I like how you chosen to write a poem about Oakland because most people wrote their poems about love and your’s stand out and because you’re talking about things that person of color in Oakland can relate to. Also I loved how you choose a flag as your picture of your poem because I feel that it represent how America is supposed to be like all white people should be in power and just take over things and push out all the blacks to show them who’s boss to try to make America great again. Over all the poem was beautifully wrote and make’s lot of people understand where you are coming from.

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