I wrote this poem about a recent lover I had who has broken my heart completely. I wrote how they kept us away from each other and how no matter how many times we showed our love , our family didn’t except. Can’t wait for the comments ! 🙂



Romeo Romeo , wherefore art thou Romeo ?

Wherefore art thou my lover ?

The man with 22 broken bones

A mind as bright as the sun

For that man — I sacrifice the world

A world where which we follow a family tree

To that where we hold such innocence

And take it

Took it

Star cross’d loves

Take their life

2 households both alike in dignity

But torn apart

The life where we run



Laugh ?

Can you hear us ?

Do you feel it ?

Have you seen us ?

Have you lived it ?


Broken apart by someone

Kept together by faith

Faith kept us breathin



Do you hear this ?


Our absence makes the world around me

Go mute

Im sorry Romeo


Im sorry

Sorry for skipping class

Just to get you in trouble

For holding tighter

And tighter to your hand

It’s just that fear

Anxiety I have

Fear of letting go




O eustacio why ?

Why have I become so attached ??


What can we do to prevent our tragedy ?

Our only antidote is our love

They took it

Took it

Im fighting every second for us

Yet you still ask

“ why do you still love me ? ”

Because Heber

Everytime I wake up

The first person that I think of

Is you

Your laughter

Your green eyes

Scars and all

I’m no poet eustacio

But that damn middle name

Changed my view

As I spoke aloud

Around you

I say

“Eustacio eustacio , wherefore art thou eustacio ?”

I relax

For your voice soothens me

“ I’m right here “

  1. Oscar 2 years ago

    Dear Doraneli,

    I thought your poem was great and I love the way you connected Romeo and Juliet to your own personal life. I really like how you included the beginning of Romeo and Juliet in your poem to show your story. I think the part that stood out to me the most is, ¨ Can you hear us? Do you feel it? Have you seen us? Have you lived it?” I think that this part is really good in your poem and really making the reader question about what the poemś image is. The outline of the poem is great and overall it was amazing. Thank you for sharing your poem!

    • Author
      Doraneli 2 years ago

      Hey Oscar — thanks for taking your time to comment unlike many other people who feel like not reading my tingz. Much respect. Anyways, I appreciate this comment and you acknowledge the part that has a story behind it ! Thank you very much :).

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