Emotions control us like puppets

I laid limp, coldness on my face

Strings were tied from a unique place

Pulled on one and watched me stand

Pulled on the other and watched me dance


Pull too harshly and I will hate

Pull too harshly and I will fall

And on my face, a portrait of melancholy


Pull too hard and the string will break

Oh what a mess you will make


These strings, tied in a unique place

Aren’t visible like silk or lace

Yet they bind my body and my mind

And in my heart is where they hide


This is a poem by me. It’s message is that emotions control us like marionettes. Feelings can make us do anything


CC BY-SA 4.0 Poem by Calvin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Judith 1 month ago

    Dear Calvin,
    I love your poem! It’s simple but yet says so much in the words you chose to use. You chose an interesting topic and the way you chose to describe it, with the metaphor of the strings and marionettes, is smart and amazing. It is clear how emotions taking control of actions connects to Romeo and Juliet. You took a cool interpretation of it. My favorite line of your poem is
    “Aren’t visible like silk or lace
    Yet they bind my body and my mind
    And in my heart is where they hide”
    because it shows the impact of emotions, even when they aren’t visible. It is also shows how they are caused by what the heart wants and impacts how the mind thinks. You’re the coolest!
    Thanks for sharing your poem!

  2. Naveen 1 month ago

    Dear Calvin
    Thank you for sharing your poetry and having the courage to allow hundreds of people to read it. Your poem reminded me of how people can create or destroy friendships depending on their mood. Once I read what this poem represented the whole poem came together, and it was truly great. Good job!

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