Hi there, we were assigned to do a poem for english



Hi, my name is Tania Lopez and I’m from Life Academy. My poem is about a Romeo and Juliet theme. Where I write about what love feels like. If you have time Please read over my poem and leave comments if you would like.


The feeling of love

When you meet that someone

When your heart skips a beat

When you get a warm glow

When your swept off your feet

That feels like love

When your crying a whole river

And the person you love is holding you

As tight as a mother would

When her kid gets hurt

That feels like love

Love doesn’t have a meaning

But it does have emotions

Emotions that fills up my stomach

As if I had butterflies in my stomach

That feels like love

Lying to your parents

Just to be with the person you care about

Because your afraid they will take them away

That feels like love

Love doesn’t have a meaning

But it does have emotions


  1. Beatriz 2 years ago

    Dear Tania,
    Reading your poem about love was very interesting because I could really see the connection to Romeo and Juliet. The part where you said that sometimes some people can’t be together because of their parents is true since not everyone has the freedom to love whoever they want. My favorite line from your poem was “Love doesn’t have a meaning But it does have emotions”. The reason why it was my favorite was because for everyone love may be different for them based on their experiences. Thank you so much for sharing your poem and I look forward to reading more of your work on here.

  2. Janie 2 years ago

    Dear Tania
    Your poem really shows what love is to some people. I like your poem because it relates to Romeo and JUliet because they couldn’t be together because their families didn’t get along, and your poem shows how they were feeling. I like how your poem had me questioning at the end. I like how you ended your poem by saying “Love doesn’t have a meaning, but it does have emotions” this confused me at the beginning but started to make sense because you’re saying that love has no meaning but it has emotions because you get and emotion every time you see that person that you really love.

  3. Kelly 2 years ago

    Dear Tania,

    I think you did a great job on your poem about Romeo and Juliet and about love. I love how you repeated the phrase, “Love doesn’t have a meaning, But it does have emotions”. I like this because you can’t describe love in just a couple of words, love is powerful and complicated. I also like how you described how the feeling of love feels like and how you used similes to describe it. A suggestion I have is try to incorporate more literary devices, like personification and Onomonopoeia. Using those devices would make your poem stronger and would make it more interesting. Overall I love your poem because it describes love well and connects to Romeo and Juliet.       
                                    Sincerely, Kelly
  4. matteo small 2 years ago

    Dear tania,
    Thank you so much for sharing your poem with me. One line that stood out to me was “when you meet that someone, when your heart skips a beat” I think that this is true in the play Romeo and Juliet. In the play Romeo seeing Juliet changed Romeo. Thank you for sharing your poem with me and I look forward to your next poem!

    -Matteo Small

    • Author
      Tania 2 years ago

      Thank you so much for reading my blog. I had a few questions for based on your comment like in what ways did romeo change when juliet came in his life?

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