Posted by Kenya on November 28, 2018

My Community

Hi! my name is Kenya Sanchez. I’m a 9th grader at Life academy. My poem is about my community and all the tragic events that happen in my community. I chose to write about this topic because it’s important that people know that not everybody lives in a very safe community and that it’s important to stand up and advocate for the people who need to speak up for themselves.


A quiet street,

No sound,

No people,


We hop out the car minding our own


Until we hear,

Bang, bang, bang

Dogs barking,

People screaming,

And me and my mom locked in the in the car.

You know nothing new,

Another shooting

Mom says just wait a few minutes we’ll hear sirens soon,


Why wait

It just keeps getting worse

So often we hear the sounds of bullets speeding through the air

And shattering the windows

I try to imagine that the sound

Of shattering glass is diamonds

But, in reality its glass windows

My younger sisters believe that the life we live with violence is normal

That it’ll pass

Since they were little infants

They’ve been manipulated to think that violence is good

But, all I think is pain

I hear tears

of the babies

screaming and crying

And screaming and crying

and  the sound of two people shooting back and forth

Without caring about others until

bang, bang, bang

an innocent person is wounded

A plague

Plague of both houses?

Nah a plague on the people who created this

“Street Disturbance”

But in my words a shooting.

A life is lost,

And there’s absolutely

Nothing to do about it ,

but end the violence.