My poem connects to Romeo and Juliet because it talks about how emotions such as hate can be brought out by many emotions but, other emotions like love can take hate away



Hate is like a hormone that wants to control your body

Hate is a responsibility we have to face

Hate  tends to corrupts us

Hate can make families fight each other

Hate can give us power

Hate can also take away power

Hate can cause jealousy

Hate can cause anxiety

Hate can make you see things you don’t want to see  

Hate can make you hear things you don’t wanna see

Hate can make you feel like shit

Hate can make you feel millions of types of emotions

But there are things that can bring out hate

Having fun can bring out hate

Doing a hobby can bring out hate

Emotions can bring out gate

And out of all things

Happiness can bring out hate

In many cases happinesses brings out hate like flowers bring out beauty

Many things can make you feel happy

People who make you feel happy


CC BY-SA 4.0 Hate by Dustin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Ivy Delgadillo 1 day ago

    Dear Dustin,
    My favorite part of your poem was ”In many cases happinesses brings out hate like flowers bring out beauty”. And I also like how you keep repeating the word “hate” that way you can tell what this poem is about right away. Your poem does connect to Romeo and Juliet because it talks about how love can take hate away. Good job.

  2. Naveen 6 days ago

    Dear Dustin,
    I could really connect to this poem because it reminded me of how sometimes hate can be the most powerful emotion, but there is always a counter-weight. Everything has an opposite. How you wrote that love could take away the hate.

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