Hello, My name Adrian Terriquez, this is my poem that is about growing up and it connects to the book Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespear When growing up you find obstacles in your way. Every one of those obstacles you will overcome.

Growing Up is a struggle

Growing up wasn’t always easy,
The struggle was real
Oakland is not a happy place.
There are bullets,
Bullets that dance through the air
And hit innocents
Police, Police are like Birds
That is trying to get to their flock
Flying as fast as they can
The red and blue flashing lights of Ambulances,
That take bodies
And are never seen again.
Gangs causing problems and are making it worse.
Gunshots every day to make you feel scared,
Bullying at school to make you fear a person,
Once heard of a shooting
Next you hear of a Drive-by.
People who have lost loved ones,
Death Wasn’t surprising to us
Some of us are homeless
Most are born in poverty
many are children.
Some turn to alcohol
Others turn to drugs
Hate runs deep
Death runs deep
Sadness runs deep
Nothing has changed for many of us
We are driven down to kill someone.
But some turn to love for an answer
Oaklanders are made up of many types of people
Some are Latino
Some are African American
Some are Asian
But we are a community,
A community that tries peace and love for a resource
But can never find enough love for everyone
Together we go through the struggles
We can make up resources to find love
Together we can make
A good community
Together we are Oakland.



  1. Zane 1 year ago

    Dear Adrian,
    Your poem was so powerful and moving. It not only paints a vivid picture of the struggles you and your community face, but it also highlights how love and the strength of your community can help you endure these hard times. Keep your head up and continue to tell these beautiful stories through poetry!

  2. Chris 2 years ago

    Dear Adrian,
    I like your poem it’s strong it’s simple and gets to the main point that “growing up wasn’t always easy” your poem was strong i liked when you said “There are bullets,
    Bullets that dance through the air
    And hit innocents”
    This was really strong because it’s true we see and hear innocent people get murdered by mean people all the time. Keep it up hope your next poem is as good as this one!

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