My poem is about how there is evidence of racism between white people and the colored people. I choose to write about this because since I am a person of color it connects to me deeply. Thank you for reading.


Eyes, eyes, eyes

Eyes made of gold like blonde white people hair

for the bestest.

Eyes made of bronze for the rest.

Yeah yeah our eyes are not shiny, yellowish, and valuable.

But don’t try to show off your golden eyes because we got beautiful eyes made of made of pools of sweet sweet honey.

Yes, us honey glazed might feud amongst ourselves

But thats because of the pain you caused us.

You took our loved ones and put them in cages like zoo animals.

You killed our brothers and sisters because of their honey glaze.

And because of that harm

We fear

We fear walking down the street without getting shot by an off duty police officer.

We fear getting our family separated from us

Because since they are foreign they are dangerous.

We fear that our sweet honey glaze won’t let us be successful in a golden future.

We fear, we fear, and we fear

But we will no longer fear.

We will stop argueing amongst ourselves and fued for our equity.

Our fear will be what drives us for the better

It might seem like a joke to you golden eye’d folk but when we

Come through you’ll beg for mercy.

And we just might give you mercy because you forgot how dangerously sweet our honey eyes were.

Maybe us honey eye’d were set up to fail in this golden world but

I’m sure we won’t

But maybe we are just a group

Of sad people because we

Have lost too much and that sadness fills up our eyes into darkness because we refuse to not live our best lives.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Eyes by Martha is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Janie 2 months ago

    Dear Martha
    Your poem is very creative, I really like how you related it to the eyes. Something that stood out to me from your poem was the lines “You took our loved ones and put them in cages like zoo animals” because you’re saying that white people are putting us into categories and its very creative how you used similes in your poem. Some questions I have about your poem are why did you specifically choose to talk about eyes in your poem? You had a great poem and it was very creative.

    • Author
      Martha 3 weeks ago

      Thank you, I know my poem is great heheheheheheheheheheh but thank you for reading and I just knew that it would be great in poem jsut read your poem and yours was creative and awesome 5 STARS! your great!

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