This poem connects to Romeo and Juliet since love made Romeo and Juliet do many insane things like taking poison, gun fights,etc and how alcohol made my dad do insane things.

There’s different kinds of love,

But the love that makes you go crazy is addiction.

Alcohol causes addiction

That addiction then causes violence.


People get too hooked up,

Alcohol causes people to do

insane things

Many people drink for different reasons but

When they get addicted,

There’s an anchor holding them back.

For example,

My father,

He is addicted to alcohol and when he drinks he doesn’t think straight.

Everyday my father loses something,

Everyday he’s lost,

Everyday he craves more.

The first time my father was arrested

Was when I was 3 years old,

I was crying and yelling at the stairs because my dad was hitting my mom.

As time went by my father kept on drinking and driving,

His addiction made him brainless

He was never thinking at all.

Then when my dad was arrested again I was with him and almost got taken away by the police

It felt like I was being banished and never going to see my mom or my sister again.

My dad never thought about anyone,

The only thing he cared about was beer,

And when he didn’t get his beer he went crazy

The last time I saw him he was drinking and driving then later that day I got news that he had crashed,

Alcohol ruined his life,

He’s still chained up trying to find freedom but

He can’t let go

  1. Daniel 2 years ago

    Dear oswaldo, your story inspiring. my dad also does drugs, so I know how you feel.but my dad is trying his best to stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

  2. Chris 2 years ago

    Dear Oswaldo,
    I really appreciate the confidence you had to share this personal story to the class i know it must be hard for you to have your dad lost every day. This shows that you are strong by sharing this not only to our class but to the public as well. Thanks for sharing this with us hope we get more poems from you soon!

  3. Marleni 2 years ago

    Dear Oswaldo,
    Your poem is a very personal story and I really appreciate you sharing it with our class. I like how you connected love to an addiction that will cause you to do crazy things. I could really see where you used the different literary devices! One thing you could work on is being more concise at times I felt as if you were telling the whole story. A suggestion is that you only take the key moments and use those in the poem. But overall, this is a very strong poem and keep up the good work!! – Marleni

  4. Angelica Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Oswaldo I think that this poem is very personal and rings very true to a lot of things that have happened in my life. I love that you made multiple comparison’s like to Romeo and Juliet and tied that into why something like this can become so bad. I found this article which I think really ties into your post and you might enjoy. Thank you again for sharing.

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