Before reading these articles, I already felt like the minimum wage needed to be raised, but now I feel even more strongly about it. The first article is titled “20 years of government data says raising the minimum wage could be good for workers, businesses, and the economy”. Raising the minimum wage, this article says, increases growth without decreasing employment. It benefits a large majority of low-income families. The article also makes the point that higher wages could mean less employee turnover, so raising wages would benefit employers as well.

The next article, titled “The case for raising the minimum wage keeps getting stronger”, put forward some pros and cons of raising minimum wage. It says some jobs may be lost, but the workers will enjoy higher pay and the economy won’t really be affected. Unemployment is very low right now, but wages haven’t really raised at all. I think the main concern for opponents of wage hikes is how it will affect the employer and the economy. This article claims that those fears aren’t well-founded.

The last article I chose was a dissenting voice in this argument. It is an article from Forbes called “Why Raising the Minimum Wage Kills Jobs”. This article explains that raising minimum wage doesn’t work as a poverty program because most poor people are not employed. Forbes argues that having a minimum wage at all is bad for business: “The minimum wage is a major anti-jobs policy”, “Obviously, $50/hour would be detrimental to employment as is $7/hour, it’s just a matter of degree”. To me, this whole article seems heartless, looking only from the perspective of a business rather than person to person. The rhetoric seems sarcastic at times, and I honestly don’t think that attitude would have persuaded me to agree. I believe that the minimum wage should be raised because it would help people to make a living wage easier.


These are the articles I referenced:



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  1. Sera 8 months ago

    This is some very interesting information, and I enjoyed reading about your take.

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