1. Isabell 4 months ago

    I found the third article you mentioned very compelling. I think it is important for the U.S. to analyze our current gun policies and the problems that are occurring. The U.S. is a relatively young country and should consider some of the policies adopted by other countries. I agree with you that there is a tug-of-war between the states and federal government.
    Here is an interesting article outlining gun violence statistics. This may be helpful in furthering your research.

  2. Tarek 4 months ago

    You make an interesting point, and although i disagree with the overall banning in guns, i would agree that some restrictions should be put into place. This is a very interesting topic to me and you should check out https://nowcomment.com/documents/116622#.XABcJRNKj3A

  3. Ari 5 months ago

    You make an interesting point about how the US has a unique perspective and situation when it comes to Gun laws. I think this is due to the creation of the second amendment. I also think it is interesting that millennials are in support of gun laws.

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