What Has Our Country Come To?

My independent reading book is called Wonder by R.J Palacio. This book was about an amazing young boy named Auggie Pullman who was going to public school for the first time in his life due to some severe facial deformities that he has had his entire life. This book shows the incredible bravery of Auggie, but also the cruel side of some of the people in his school who bully, and make his life miserable. I think this book relates greatly to America these days. The hate we see when reading this book really makes you think about what our nation has come to. How our country, and people are facing such hardships and how we are dealing with these times.

One of the main questions I wondered was is there an end to the hate? America has come to the point where there is so much tension throughout our whole nation that it is affecting how people view our country. We have long been noted as one of the top nation’s where people could come to find a better life for them, and their families. However over the past several years we reached a point where there is such a divide between the people in America that we truly can not come together as a collective to face our nation’s most prominent challenges.

Mass shootings, and bomb threats have become such a normality in our country these days and aren’t stopping. In an article published on Business Insider it said “ The number of mass shootings in the U.S this year has already reached 297.” This number is appalling, and is very disheartening. Many people are starting to believe that our nation just isn’t going to get any better. American’s just can’t see the light when there is so much darkness and destruction right now.

One huge struggle right now which is leading to the divide of our people is the fact that we are so quick to judge when we see someone not like us, with the same beliefs, or just not someone we like. The author of Wonder R.J Palacio in Backseat Book Club said “she wrote wonder off of an experience she faced in her life with her kids when they all got scared at the sight of a person with Facial deformities. She was so disheartened at the thought that this is how people treat others now a days, and she wanted to share her story so people start to realize that this isn’t what americans should be like”. This book really shows the judgment people give, and the effects it can have on people’s lives.  

We are starting to show our nation’s true colors. While there is so much good in our world, the hate is starting to really show. This makes us wonder of there is any chance of our country getting better. Will we continue to be negative, and become a  nation nobody looks to? Or will we rise up, show our love kindness, courage, and be the Nation we have long been known to be? A nation where people want to be, where the light outshines the dark, and we are one.


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  1. Katie 8 months ago

    Campbell, I think that one of our biggest issues in America is definitely division, like you said. Everyone is either a “liberal” or a “conservative”, and we all demonize each other. I think that the rise of technology has contributed to this, because people can insult people without actually having to look them in the eye, making it much easier to pretend that they’re just evil.

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