For the past couple of years, women from all over the country have been speaking out about times when they have encountered sexual harassment and sexual abuse. It is so important now, because women are finally being heard. When they are starting to be heard, this empowers more women to speak up about about the injustices they have fallen victim to. This movement has turned into a model that influences so many people across the country.

In the article When Mothers and Daughters Talk #MeToo, it explains how the me too movement has made a space for women to open up about their past, that women from older generations were not able to do. “…daughters are willing to speak out about abuse their mothers and grandmothers once learned to put up with (Hartocollis, 2018).” This topic has also opened up the conversation to what boundaries are and what it means when men cross them. “They saw #MeToo in more starkly black-and-white terms, as a wakeup call to change society, and as an invitation to men, even men of good will, to rethink their behavior (Hartocollis,2018).”

This movement has revolved around women, but men also have opinions about this topic that are not heard as much. In the article I’m a Straight Man. Now What?, gave men ranging from their 20s to their 50s a space to talk about Me Too. It is a misconception that only women can be involved in this movement, when men should also be speaking up about misconducts they see. “…there was an acknowledgment that men are important allies in the #MeToo movement — they have an ability to call out bad behavior when they (we) see it (Victor, 2018).” This movement will not change society if women are the only people involved, men play an important role in making this movement even more powerful.

  1. Mary 2 years ago

    Jillian, I really like that chose such a heavy topic to talk about. It’s great that women are able to talk about things that have happened to them in environment that’s getting better about talking about these issues. I think it also important that you said men can be apart of the #metoo movement too. They are “important allies in the #MeToo movement.” If more and more of us start to be there for each other in times of need change will begin to happen. I enjoyed your view on this topic and hope to see more of your writing in the future. Here’s a link to another article you might like (hyper like didn’t work)

  2. Madison 2 years ago

    Interesting way of putting the facts together with your piece… I absolutely love it. The way you engage and explain the amazing work that the Me Too movement provides for others who need it. I agree with you a hundred percent that the genders should be equal. I found this article that I think you might enjoy reading…
    Good job Jillian!

  3. Ari 2 years ago

    I like how you pointed out and emphasized that men need a space to talk about and engage with the Me Too Movement. I agree that if the cause is supported solely by women it won’t be as successful as if it was bolstered across genders and generations.

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