What value do all Americans share?

              The value that all Americans share is Liberty. Although Americans from different walks of life may favor certain kinds of liberty or ways to attain them, they all agree people deserve liberty, and don’t deserve to have it taken away.  During America’s birth people had already had long standing traditions of self governance, (https://www.britannica.com/topic/House-of-Burgesses) and when the UK got strict with the rules, Americans feared tyranny. This is because of what they had done to their colonies in Quebec and what they had forced them to do, like forced American sailors to join their navy, house and feed troops, and pay taxes they didn’t create. After the British passed the declaratory act in response to the Boston tea party, Americans began to fear that their way of life would become out of their control. Because of this Americans united to fight the British. Some fought mostly for the protection of their right to govern their own communities and some fought because Enlightenment thinking that the government should require consent from the people. Early on in America people’s desire for liberty was founded differently. Today it is the same, many peoples liberty’s contradict each others such as people economic liberties versus people’s freedom of opportunity, creating political differences. (For example, people resenting paying taxes for public schools.) Despite this people still believe in liberty. In Kenneth Roberts’ Rabble in Arms, like in the actual revolution Americans fight through incredible hardship to create a new nation.   “While I dragged, groaning, at a rope with raw hands that seemed to clutch hot nettles, the man who grunted and huffed beside me was General Sullivan.” (pg 201 Rabble in arms). This scene depicts a general fighting for America alongside his army. The main character of Rabble in Arms is a wealthy merchant who fights because he wants to have economic liberty from a government 3000 miles away. Many people in the continental army formed militias to protect their own communities. https://www.nationalaffairs.com/publications/detail/the-five-conceptions-of-american-libertyBut they still fought hard for liberty together.  Americans believe in liberty, although their ideas about what liberty should be are different, they have courage to do what they believe to be right.




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