Corruption affects us all, it threatens economic development, our values and our society. After reading the Hunger games I wanted to research the effects it had on the people that have a corrupt government. In a corrupt government there is usually a small group of people profiting from the majority of people. Corrupt governments are still all over the world today and you can see many examples of how it affects people and their daily lives.

Immigrants are great examples of the effects of an unjust government. You see them all over the United States. They go to different countries to escape the oppression they have in their country.  They fear for their lives and want to get a new start in our county or any other country that is better than theirs so they flee. “Based on our interviews with individuals in immigration detention and at the border about the conditions they are fleeing … the conditions haven’t changed, which is why we are seeing these large numbers of people arriving”(Parker qtd in Fox news), said Alison Parker, director of the Human Rights Watch’s U.S. Program. For example Patricia de Jesús Flores an immigrant waiting in a homeless shelter on the mexican U.S border said,  “If my country would be OK, I would be there happily with my child,” Flores told NBC News. “I would not try to cross”(Flores qtd in Fox News).

Imagine fearing to walk outside worrying if you live to see another day or not.  People who live in these countries constantly fear for their lives and the lives of their family. In the Hunger Games you see how the people fear for their lives. The people in the Hunger Games fear being picked for the games.  The games are used to implement fear into the population and to control them through a brutal spectacle known as the Hunger Games, a “competition” in which two teenage “tributes” (one male, one female) are selected from a lottery from each of the districts to do battle with one another until only one is left standing, all of it broadcasted on TV.  They fear their political leaders and what they can do to them. We see this type of fear in countries today. Earlier this year in Honduras, protests following the re-election of President Juan Orlando Hernandez turned violent when police and troops used excessive force to quell protests, leaving 32 dead( Gamboa 3).  No police or troops were charged with what they did, the government had decided what was wrong and what was right.

Corrupt governments are all over the world today, we are fortunate enough to live in a great country that is run by the people. The effects that unjust government on the people are strenuous and there is little they can do about it. Fleeing is the best thing they can do but with new policies it’s getting harder and harder everyday.


News , NBC. “Central America’s Violence, Turmoil Keeps Driving Families to U.S. Border.”, NBCUniversal News Group, 2018,

Patricia de Jesús Flores

Hunger games

Allison parker





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