Andre Sanciangco

Mrs. Reed

American Literature

October, 2018


Competition in America


We live in a country where its people are very competitive. Whether it’s sports or school, we want to be the top. Even in everyday life, we compete with each other without even knowing it. The, “nah, let me do it, you don’t have the brains to,” to the, “I bet I can lift more than you,” type banter. These are clearly the signs that competition is a big American value. “Any American can succeed spectacularly if he or she wishes to” (Tim Altom, 3). We always want to be the best, no matter the circumstance. In the book I read, Rich Dad Poor Dad, has many things you can take from it, but I feel that competition is a key factor in the book. Not only does the author, Robert Kiyosaki, teaches us the basics about financial education, he tells us that it is important to know how to handle your money so that you can always stay at the top. Kiyosaki then tells us about the difference of the two dads. “One said, ‘When it comes to money, play it safe, don’t take risks.’ the other said, ‘Learn to manage risk.’” (Kiyosaki, 1). Otherwise, you’ll fall off like the rest, living paycheck to paycheck, not knowing how to manage your money, again, another example of competition. This is also an example of the Rat Race Kiyosaki tells us about in the beginning of the book and throughout the book. The Rat Race is described, “as a frustrating, hard-to-break financial lifestyle (self-defeatist cycle):  an employee works hard for an employer to receive a raise or a promotion and as their income increases, their expenses increase as well. As the employee’s debt increases, he becomes further tied to their job and more reliant upon their paycheck. Furthermore, they are forced to work harder for their next promotion to offset their debts” (Vimbai, 1). To get out of the race, Kiyosaki emphasizes the significance of working on your financial education to be more intelligent in “freeing” yourself from the Rat Race, thus, surpassing everyone that is still stuck in it.


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