What does it mean to be American? Well that’s entirely up to your definition of American, but for those of you who aren’t satisfied with their ideas on this topic don’t worry I am here to give opinions.The thing about opinions are that they always should be taken with a pinch of salt, meaning opinions are not facts and always deserve to be looked at as such. That being said, being American may come down to our rights or freedoms or our actions. The Constitution of America amendment I states that we have many rights such as: religion, speech, and assembly. A lot of freedoms fall under just amendment I, so think of how many fall under the entire 27. With this knowledge we can come to the conclusion that being American is the ability to be free. Slaves, unfortunately were an exception to this right until liberated by the Civil War. Prisoners of War in other countries are also exceptions. And one cannot fault the constitution for imprisoning criminals. Freedom of choice comes with being American. One example of this is from the text “Nerve”. In this book the main character, Venus, and everyone else gets the choice to play a game called Nerve, then if they choose to play they get the choice to play or watch. This leads us to the next topic of what is our American creed? Again this is a different question to other people, as we have the freedom of thought. In “Nerve” each character gets the freedom to choose their destiny, and their destiny is basically their American creed. Your choices and actions create your creed. The past is a way to learn and change to better your future. American creed is one way of showing why our country is known as the “Land of Dreams”, as dreams may come true from hard work and determination and as that we all focus on our creed, future, destiny rather than the present. California isn’t the only place with their heads in the clouds, it’s the entire USA. What is American culture? As shown again in Nerve, American culture is something that changes over time. Ryan writes about how kids are influenced by technology and money. Mackenzie Maher adds on this by saying “your parents compensated for their deprived childhoods by overspending on you”. While you think this quote may not progress our argument, just think about how spoiling of children during this age leads to the sense of entitlement each child feels. This entitlement leads to children believing that they are the center of the world and they deserve anything they want. Technology is a very good way of manipulating the public and money makes the world go round, so you can’t blame these kids for something we would all do. Narcissism plagues this great nation and instead of fixing this we just point it out and hope that it will resolve itself, the very same thing I am doing in this argument. All these flaws don’t scare the United States of America because of our delusional ways. This facade works so well because all other countries believe that we are what we are, the greatest nation in the world.


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