There are many different sources that show minorities get treated unfairly by the judicial system. “68 percent of African Americans felt they were treated worse than white people and almost 45 percent of the white people surveyed agreed with this perception”( Dunnaville 1). The National center for State court believes the justice system is racially skewed. A lot of these percentages show that they need to put more time into the system for it to become right because it is completely unfair to minorities. It seems like as soon as someone, who’s a minority, is accused of a crime they are treated as if they really did the crime and there is not as much action done to help them. “Innocent minorities are detained by the police on the street and in their cars far more than whites.”(Dunnaville 1).
When some minorities are accused of a crime there isn’t much investigation because the police assume they did it. In If Beale Street Could Talk Fonny, an African American male, did not have a fair trial or investigations when he was accused of a crime. Fonny was being falsely accused of a crime and it ended up affecting his marriage with Tish and his whole life. Which was wrong in different ways because he then learns that Tish is having a baby. “Blacks are much more likely than whites to say that blacks faced unfair treatment in dealing with police or in the courts, according to a 2013 Pew Research Center survey”(Monica Andersen).
“A majority of African Americans say they or a close friend or family member have been incarcerated (55%), significantly higher than the share among whites (36%), or Hispanics” (39%) (Jennifer Agiesta). This clearly shows that minorities struggle more in the area of getting help from officers and in the courtrooms. The support minorities get from courts and police are very minimal, especially for blacks which is the exact problem that Fonny faces since he is accused of a crime. Tish and her family take off to go find the victim so Fonny can be free and have his independence back. The book shows a lot of freedom for these black families to be going around and doing what they’re trying to do. What’s not being done enough is searching and investing the situation or crime that the person is accused of.“The blacks specifically make up 12% of the US population but in the prisons it accounts for two fifths of those in prison”(Radall 1994). After seeing these number and percentages and especially with the 12% and two fifths of blacks being in jail there should be a lot more investigating going on because it seems to not be looking too fair for minorities. We should be seeking equality for all and should feel that there is protection in these cases that a lot of the time can be false.
Fonny just wants his freedom and to be with his soon to be family. To be with his future wife and baby and to just see the rest of his family. Being accused of a false action can damage not only you, but the people you are around. Not having an investigation go longer than it needs to can trouble a person’s life and their peers.
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