Matthew McAlvey


1st Hour American Lit

Mrs. Reed



This book Hoops offers a lot of good content from referring to common American struggles for inner-city teens. I believe inner-city kids have a more difficult chance, but can be successful if they have the help and stay safe. The book follows a normal teenager named Lonnie throughout his life in the Harlem. As he looks to catch a big break by way of basketball scholarship, he faces typical inner-city adversity such as racism, financial problems, relationship problems, trust issues and violence. I can relate this book to the article about Colin Kaepernick because many of their stories are similar. Kaepernick’s big message is about fighting racism while Lonnie is living with racism and bigotry from powerful white men that don’t want him to succeed (Wolken). This book also relates to my article about whether sports betting will ruin sports. Lonnie’s coach Cal had his professional basketball career ruined by betting, and Lonnie’s championship game was almost ruined by betting, and ultimately ended in a tragic way. This article tells how dangerous betting is and how hard it can be on players and their careers (Tackle). Another context this book relates to is the famous song God Bless America. The song represents our vast opportunities in this country of how you can do whatever you want to do, and be whoever you want to be, but you need help with the notion in the song of needed to be guided to be successful (Berlin). Everyone can be successful in this country if they have the right support and effort. 

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