The items in my shadow box represent the counter-narrative the outside of the shadow box represents the dominant narrative. When people see me they start giving assumptions about what I am and who I am in their perspective. For people who don’t know me think I am a bad person, a kid who gets F’s in class and talks back to everybody. The expectation that people have for me is shocking to me but when people notice who I am and what I am, it’s a difference for the people and they realize that they made a mistake. All of these expectations for me is shocking the real truth of what I am and who I am is really that I am a nice boy. They think I get bad grades that’s not true I get pretty good grades. In my life I have never talked back to anyone because I’m nice, I give people a second chance to reset themselves and I help people who are stuck on what we are doing and need also need help on work or projects. In reality, I’m not the typical student that is looking for trouble, all I am is a student that tries his best at everything and will never do something bad. People need to stop giving assumptions to other people just based on their race or ethnicity or nationality they need to get to know the person a little bit more that is how we are going to stop making assumptions.

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