My parents are immigrants in the United States so I decided to learn more about immigration in the U.S. and the issues that come with it. Immigration is a very disputable topic in the U.S.. Many Americans often find themselves arguing over immigration, whether it is leaving a negative impact on our economy or the stealing of jobs from native-born Americans. All in all, it is a fact that immigration has risen to the top list of most important problems in the United States.

The article Immigration Surges to Top Most Important Problem List by Frank Newport reports that concern over immigration has spiked due to the president’s constant focus on illegal immigration. Trump’s controversial policies has brought immigration to the top of the list of most important problems in America. As it later states in the article, Republicans see immigration as a problem because of its impact on the economy and crime. On the contrary, stated by a New York Times article written by Ben Stephens, the real immigration problem is that there aren’t enough immigrants. The article favors immigration and sees that immigration is needed for the U.S. to keep functioning. The article says that the U.S. fertility rate has fallen to a record low and that people are getting older and so there are less Americans being born, slowly declining the population. Stephens also cites that there has been a report of labor shortages across the nation therefore inhibiting business work.

Stephens point is that immigration resolves these issues. But according to an article written by Jon Greenberg, is America actually facing an immigration problem or a refugee problem? Immigrants from countries in Central America outnumbered immigrants from Mexico in 2013. This led to an investigation led by economist Michael Clemens. His research concluded that murders (violence) drives migration therefore making the so-called immigrants refugees, seeking asylum. Immigration is a topic in the United States that will always be debated on and researched about. I learned that immigration does have its issues, but that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Immigration has certainly risen in conversation in America and the question now is: Should America open up its borders?

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