Gun control is a hot-button topic in the United States. With high rates of school shootings and other gun-related deaths, the United States is a hub for debate on gun regulation. There are many different stances on how tight regulations should be or whether there should be any at all. The authors of these three articles write about gun-related issues and discuss possible solutions to the numerous gun-related deaths in America.

I learned through my research that he focus on gun control spikes whenever mass shootings occur. The most recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida sparked a major conversation. Advocates for gun control across the nation took a stand and voiced their opinions. One positive response they received was from businesses and organizations who vouched to sell firearms only to persons of age 21+ and dispel assault rifles from their shelves all together. Large companies such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, and Kroger gave those in support of stricter gun regulations a glimpse of hope, but the debate still continues as actual political policy on the matter has been few and far between.

Another article I read focused on the availability of ammunition in the United States. This piece surprised me in many different ways. It starts off by stating just of few of the odd locations one can purchase ammunition from: jewelry stores, feed depots, pharmacies, and even vending machines. Bullets are widely available throughout the nation and face far fewer restrictions than actual firearms. Many of the standard regulations in place for purchasing guns are not required for ammunition. Background checks and presentation of identification and licenses are not common practice when buying bullets. One step taken to reduce gun violence are bullet logs. Bullet logs record each ammunition sale and are great resources in police investigations and the seizure of illegally owned weapons. Some other restrictions have been implemented such as prevention of online sales and deliveries, stamping bullets with indication numbers, and limits on what types of ammunition are legal.

Finally, the last article gave possible solutions to gun-related deaths and covered the idea of gun control more holistically. Some suggestions for change were banning all assault weapons, strengthening background checks, improving reports on mental health, and instituting a gun buyback program. The author supported his ideas with statistics and facts and presented sufficient ideas for solving the important issues surrounding gun control.


Here are my annotated articles:


This article presents an opposing viewpoint:

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  1. Angelica 2 years ago

    Lindsey I have to agree with your post on gun control. I think that it proves a very great point in our society today and shows that things are becoming more and more crazy, like how you mentioned in your post that bullets are even made available in vending machines to some people in specific areas. I really liked as well that you includes 3 and not 2 sources about your topic. I also found a source on gun control being explained more further which I think might help you as well. Very well done!

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