By reading these articles I learned more about the costs of animal testing. I was aware that testing on animals was wrong, but I didn’t know the serious costs behind it and certain methods that are used when animals undergo these experiments. I received a better insight on exactly why it is immoral.

I was unaware of how experimenting on animals is sometimes unreliable and costs a lot of money. Sense animals have different genetic makeup than humans sometimes things that aren’t harmful to animals can be considered harmful to humans. Experimenting on animals doesn’t just harm the animals involved in it, but also can negatively affect the people as well.

I also learned that there are other methods and ways that don’t involve animals whatsoever. There are alternatives to animal testing such as human volunteers, computer modeling, and vitro testing, which are microscope slides that contain human cells.

Overall, I furthered my knowledge in this area and I will apply what I now know when I am purchasing products in the future. I will do my best in using products that don’t involve the torturing of animals.


These are the articles I annotated:

Animal Testing 101


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  1. Madison 2 months ago

    I truly enjoyed this post and it makes me want to change the way we live and the way we treat animals. I totally agree with you when you say “I will do my best in using products that don’t involve the torturing of animals.” And I also found this amazing website that makes people aware of the problems like you do here…
    Thank you Raine!

  2. Sera 4 months ago

    You have a very good point in that animals and humans don’t always react the same way to chemicals and other things that are tested. I’d be interested to hear about any specific occurrences of this happening.

  3. Isabella 4 months ago

    After reading your response, I want to take a different mindset into the products I use and if they have an impact on animal testing or not. I was mostly unknowing of the fact that animal testing is also harmful to humans, but your response helped me think deeper into animal testing.

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