The most important thing about me is that I am a calm person , I dislike being in drama or anything that has to deal with having problems with someone. I was born in New York. I lived in Maryland and Washington for two years and came back to New York and lived the rest of my life here. To be honest I don’t like school at all but I have to be successful in life so I try my best to do that. I’m very good at driving, I learned from racing games when I was younger because I had a steering wheel that was compatible with the game system I had. My future plans are to finish school, and go to college to take some classes in business. My dream is to become a detective; also to do something with business.

        I didn’t emigrate but my uncle in Dominican Republic is having a hard time coming to the United States. My family structure didn’t change much, we are being patient. I have an advantage because I speak two languages. I can speak to those who don’t speak English. All my friends are from New York, my family members are from the Dominican Republic, and my neighbors are also from the Dominican Republic. They are very family-like. We all treat each other like family. We all have the same life; it doesn’t matter where you come from.

        I witnessed a lot of incidents mainly because I live in New York where everything happens and no one is surprised unless you just came to the city for the first time. I saw a kid get jumped by a group of kids for a girl. It was on 3rd ave in the Bronx. The unfair part about it is that the kid couldn’t defend himself because there was so many guys hitting him. But as soon as they heard the police pull up they all ran.

  1. Maria 2 years ago

    Dear Wilson:

    Estoy asombrada de ti por que tratas de llevar una vida muy tranquila también me gusta que quieres conseguir tu sueño de ser detective espero y lo logres. Al igual también me alegro porque puedes hablar muchos idiomas y esa es una ventaja muy importante para ti.

    Gracias por tu escritura espero ver lo que escribes a continuación por que quiero saber mas de ti.

  2. Jasmine 2 years ago

    I also learned the many techniques of driving from video games and movies. The main movies that I go this experience is from ‘Speed Racer.’ Personally I have never witnessed what you did about a kid getting jumped, but I know it was probably a heart racing experience.

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