Author: Jada

Why do people feel the need to come to school and do nothing?

This question is important to me because I get strong emotions when I’m in school and see or hear people not doing what they have to and it gets me frustrated.


I already know that some people don’t do work because they don’t understand yet they won’t ask for help instead they would argue with the teacher on how they are not teaching them. Also I know most people complain they are tired that school is too much for them yet they still choose to come but still don’t do anything.


What I would like to know is why; why would you come to school just to sit there and complain for all that just stay home. Also why would you blame the teacher for your shortcomings when you choose not to pay attention. I would like to know is what goes through people minds when they enter a school and decide they are not going to learn or do work.


I did some research, and I found that school has little purpose for youth. In an article on Quartz, “Doing well in school is nothing to be proud of,” by Olivia Goldhill. She says: “Of course pursuing knowledge is a valuable endeavor. But you can gain knowledge whether you’re studying for a final or working in kitchens, farms, concert halls, and railways.”


I found this quote important because I’ve spoken to other students before and this is exactly how they thought. They say there’s no reason to come to school and be book smart when they can be street smart. Students say people come to school just to get a diploma but not learn about anything they need for life they would rather not come or just not do anything because they already have their life situated.