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    Oghenetega 4 months ago

    Donald glover’s video, “This is America,” is about the few social justice issues we face in America today. He created this video because he is trying to tell the society that the people in this country are being treated unjustly and he is also trying to pass a message across about the issues in America such as police brutality, discrimination against people of color,etc. Gambino’s videos touches on gun violence and how we have historically used entertainment to distract ourselves from the things happening around us and also from political problems. From Gambino’s perspective he shows how the society ignores the most pressing issues and concentrates on the less important ones. Moreover, we are too easily distracted and don’t focus on the important things around us.

    One part of the video that stands out for me was when the group of students were recording what was going on around them. This part of the video is relatable because that’s what highschool kids do. As i said earlier, we don’t really concentrate on the important things happening around us. The students are using their phones to record the things happening around them, instead of trying to find ways to resolve the issues.This is what happens in the society today, when you see two teenagers fighting, then other teenagers gather around to record the fight so they could post it on facebook and their other social media platforms; instead of them trying to break up the fight.

    Childish Gambino’s video reminds me of something that I made once. For my project, i was asked to act out a scenario based on interpersonal racism, which is racism between two individuals. The similarity between my project and Gambino’s video is that they both had something to do with how people of color are being treated in the society.

    One part of this video that I did some research on is at the beginning. The beginning of the video shows the jim crow’s pose.He poses as Jim Crow, a stage character. Jim Crow was just a stage name. In this video, he uses the Jim crow pose to depict the system of racial Apartheid that dominated the American South for three quarters of a century beginning in the 1890s. Jim Crow refers to the repressive laws and customs once used to restrict the rights of people of color. I read”A Racial Analysis of Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America” by Mikhail Lyubanskyn Ph.D, (posted May 09, 2018) One part of the article is saying that America has a racist history and a contemporary disinterest in black lives.

    I think that what Lyubanskyn said is insightful because what Childish Gambino was showing in the video was intended to “juxtapose happy and positive aspects of African American culture(in this case the Black Church) with the violence that surrounds and impacts the black community”.

    I’m glad that Childish Gambino made this video. I look forward to seeing what he makes next, because his main audience is the people in America and the few social justice issues and also how they respond to those issues. It is important because it will notify people about what is going on around them, not in a boring way but as a form of entertainment. Gambino also shows how american citizens get involved in violent roles in the communities just to go against the oppressive government.

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    Oghenetega 5 months ago

    Police Brutality is a very common social justice issue in the United states. Mostly people of color are being affected by it.

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