There’s no doubt that after a serious and dangerous event, we begin to take safety extremely seriously. We saw this after November 11th, 2001. We saw it after the Hurricanes that hit in 2017-2018. And we see it time and time again with school safety. We begin to create organizations and from policies that will best protect our people. For 911 we began to take airport security (TSA) very seriously; you cannot make any joke that threatens anyone’s safety. With the hurricanes, we have people predicting where they will hit in the future, and we warn the people well in advance so they can evacuate. Now for school security, we have been making lots of changes to school policies including there being an officer on site at all times, and even clear backpacks that students are required to wear.

From the three articles that I read about the recent School Shooting in Florida, I learned about all the changes they’ve made to school policies that regard safety. For example, they are installing metal detectors so students can’t bring in guns, they make students wear clear backpacks (according to so they can see what’s inside, and the school is putting in a certain amount of money to pay a police officer to be on site during school hours to ensure the security of the students. This is something being adopted by many schools nationally according to the palm School safety is becoming a huge deal in our country, which is great.

I hope we can create more ways to enforce safety in educational places. From one of the articles, it sounded like the shooter just “walked in the school with ease” so I hope schools lock doors and use other means of security to keep these people out. With every safety measure, we hope that it makes this country that much safer, protecting our right to education, safety, and general well-being.

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  1. Olivia 2 months ago

    This is an interesting topic, Johnny. I think that having protective measures such as TSA and people to research hurricanes are good, but I would rather see regulations on who can own guns and physical building security for schools. What is your opinion on having clear backpacks, metal detectors, and police in schools? In the future I would love to see more information on how people are reacting to these measures and if they impact the learning environment.

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