Utah voters are making a tough decision this year by voting on whether or not to introduce medical marijuana into the community. Many voters are concerned about the effects it will on the youth of Utah. They are concerned that it will usher in the use of recreational marijuana. However, the main objective with Proposition 2 is to help Utah Patients. My question is, how expensive and difficult will it be for patients to get medical marijuana?

In “Cannabis and Insurance”, it is explained why insurance companies cannot provide insurance to people who are prescribed medical marijuana or CRBs, Cannabis related businesses. It says that because marijuana is listed as a Schedule 1 drug, the federal government cannot intervene and regulate it. This creates a push to keep insurance companies from intervening as well, which leaves everything to lie within the states as seen in this quote, “Considering conflicting state and federal laws and the lack of product standardization and regulation, insurance companies are largely discouraged from offering plans with medical marijuana treatment options and providing businesses with proper coverage.” This lack of insurance may cost patients hundreds, which could be detrimental if one must have a rare condition or disease in order to obtain medical marijuana. 

In “13 things voters should know about Utah’s medical marijuana initiative”, readers are told about many effects that the legalization of medical marijuana would cause. These include discussions on who can use it, how it would be dispensed, and how existing laws would be affected. However, even deciding how it can be used and who can use it conflicts with the federal government, “While a physician would be able to recommend a person for card eligibility, U.S. law prohibits them from prescribing a specific dosage or a specific course of treatment because of marijuana’s federal classification as a Schedule I drug.” This adds another obstacle to the practice of medical marijuana. With out the ability to be prescribed an accurate dose, the results of medical marijuana in patients will be uncertain.


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