According to Gabrielle Glaser’s article, she thinks the drinking age should be lowered for a few reasons. One of her arguments presented is a more common one, being that she brings up the points of how 18 year olds are treated as adults in basically all other regards. Another point she raises is that we could lower the drinking age and take it as an opportunity to teach kids how to drink responsibly, just like how we teach them to drive a car.

To look at an opposing view Buddy T’s article highlights the idea how lowering the drinking age is not in the best interest of the public’s safety. A supporting point that he uses for this is the fact that the U.S. has tried to lower the drinking age before in the times of Vietnam War era and that this had a negative impact on highways. Because of this, his overall point is that keeping the legal drinking age up is keeping people safe and therefore should not be changed.

While I can see the points that Buddy T is making, I’m still in accordance that the drinking age should be lowered. This is because I agree with Glaser in that we could use this as an opportunity to prevent the abuse of alcohol. Lowering the drinking age could have a positive benefit of creating a safe environment where kids can learn how to responsibly consume alcohol as they transition into adults.



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  1. Alexis 9 months ago

    Kassandra, I liked how you used two different view points and compared and contrasted them. I agree with you that lowering the drinking age will help kids learn how to drink responsibly. This makes me think of countries in Europe where the drinking age is lower and kids generally do not abuse it.

  2. Sera 9 months ago

    I really enjoyed how you presented and explained both sides of the issue. I think another big argument against lowering the drinking age is that the brain isn’t fully developed until the mid 20’s, and is thus effected differently by alcohol.

  3. Alexandra 9 months ago

    Kassandra, I really like how you presented idea that both support and counter your argument. Perhaps adding another supporting source would make your argument stronger, but you added two really solid sources. I think this link here is another supporting site. It’s an article by CNN that also urges for a lower drinking age.

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