Our nation’s current healthcare costs are unbelievably high. In 1960 the annual healthcare cost was $146 per person, whereas today the average cost is over $10,000 per person. “Health care costs have risen faster than the average annual income” If healthcare is rising faster than out citizens income, it is inevitable that many families will be unable to pay the costs. more info on Now Comment.com

Some reasons for the rise in health care costs are government policy and lifestyle change, hence the creation of Medicare and Medicaid. “These programs spurred demand for health care services. That gave providers the ability to raise prices” In Ameria, we, as the citizens, pay more for federal healthcare than any other nation, yet we use the same amount. Another interesting reason for the rise in health care costs is the increase in diseases such as diabetes. A chronic disease like diabetes is very expensive to treat, which is why 85 percent of Americans who have chronic disease pay more for their healthcare.

Medicaid and Medicare were consuming a large part of the federal budget and the government was having a hard time paying it off, even after collecting taxes. Obama was one of the first people to implement something in hopes of lowering the federal cost of health care, which was Obamacare. Obamacare had the idea to try and stop chronic illnesses from progressing to the point where the patient needed expensive medical treatment. So, Obama said that all insurance agencies must give preventable treatment for free. With a combination of Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act, health care costs rose by 4.3 percent a year which achieved the goal to lower healthcare costs.


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