Concussions due to sports have become dangerously more prevalent in the past decade, and some of them aren’t even reported. Brain Line states that 3.8 million concussions occur in the US per year during comp sports season and as many as 50% go unreported. The issue regarding this statistic is that we may not know exact results of a concussion. Those not reporting their concussions could easily be in serious danger and nobody would be aware. Not reporting a concussion and continuing to play sports can cause serious issues for the future.

Stanford Children’s Health says that head injuries are some of the most common causes of disability and death in children. It can be from a mild bump to a serious concussion that can lead to a fatal result. The CDC estimates that traumatic brain injury results in almost half a million emergency department visits in children up to 14 years old. As seen in recent years, sports are one of the main causes of these injuries.

The significance behind the statement SCH makes is the problem a concussion truly is for children under the age of 14. The child’s brain is rapidly developing at this age and a concussion can be a huge roadblock in this development process. While the most effective course of action would be to eliminate contact sports and the sources of these concussions, it is a hard task to complete. The first priority is to urge children to disclose their state of being when impacted by a head injury. This can better help us treat them and know more of the effects behind concussions.

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  1. Noah 2 years ago

    Joseph, I think that is pretty scary that they go unreported especially 50%. I totally believe that though because for some athletes especially if it’s not effecting you or giving you a ton of pain st the moment your gonna wanna keep pushing or play whatever your playing because your not gonna wanna sit out. Me being an athlete myself I get that feeling to if you get hurt and it doesn’t seem that serious at the time your not gonna want to tell anyone. I do think that people should tell if they were to have a concussion because it’s not worth it if you could have future problems.

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