How can blind people become photographers? That is ridiculous. However, they can.

Blind people can feel pictures. What? Yes, they can feel light. If the blind photographer feels hot, the light source is strong; if the blind photographer feels cool, then the light source is weak. They take pictures from their perspective. The blind have a different feeling about things. They use photos to tell people what they see.

“The most sophisticated photographers in the world have often used the simplest cameras in the simplest ways” For blind people, the most complicated and advanced cameras are not necessary. What blind people need is a way to tell people who have great eyesight about their feelings about light, sound and wind. These are things we have forgotten because we are used to them.

Sometimes, we see things according to our stereotypical image of them. We ignore the beauty of things around us. But, everything is new for blind people. They have fresh eyes for everything. They can show us a different beauty in things. Many photographers want to take pictures of beautiful women only, but, the blind photographers take pictures of every woman. They see beauty in everyone, not the outside of people.

When we think of blind people, we feel sorry for them; because there are a lot of things they cannot see. But, there are more things they can do than things they cannot do. Sometimes, we feel lucky because we can see things. But, when we see things according to stereotypes, we also lose our ability to see. Who are real blind people?


CC BY-SA 4.0 Blind photographers by Li is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Jose 7 months ago

    Li, I love this piece. Thank you for sharing it. I can understand this because I am training to be a photographer and knowing someone who doesn’t see anything must seem to be difficult for someone to see. Again, thank you.

    • Author
      Li 7 months ago

      Thank you for reading this. The first time I knew this I was shocked too. I cannot image how could blind people be a photographer. Guess life is no limit. p.s. Hope you can be a good photographer.

  2. Katherine 12 months ago

    Li, this is a great article! I was unaware of the concept of blind photographers before I read this so I’m glad that I was introduced to it! I thought the line, “but, when we see things according to stereotypes, we also lose our ability to see” was very powerful. I can relate because stereotypes are constantly shown to us everyday. I found some great photos by blind photographers! I loved your coverage of a topic like this and can’t wait to read more of your work!,29307,1897093,00.html

    • Author
      Li 11 months ago

      Thank you

  3. Amani 12 months ago

    Li, this piece is wonderful! I love the topic and I love what you said. Blind photographers are not people one would normally think of on the daily; I didn’t even know there were such types of photographers. However, I learned a lot, like how blind people can feel the temperature of pictures to get an idea of what it looks like. I also really liked how at the end you posed a question that not many would think of. People who are not blind are usually blinded by stereotypes, which doesn’t allow them to see everyone for who they are, which people who are actually blind can do. This is a link to a website that show cases photographs taken by blind photographers and I think it might interest you:,29307,1897093_1883570,00.html. I look forward to readying more interesting and/or unique pieces from you! Thank you for sharing this

    • Author
      Li 11 months ago

      thank you.

  4. Campbell 12 months ago

    This was an amazing peice, that was very insightful. When you said “we ignore the beauty of things around us” I thought that was very true and powerful. This was a very interesting peice, and this topic i have never really heard of that much. I thinnks its so cool how these photographers can use their senses to get a great picture. Great essay, good job!

    • Author
      Li 11 months ago

      Thank you

  5. Audra 12 months ago

    Hi Li, I really liked your essay. It gave me a new perspective on photography and how we view things. The idea that someone who is blind can give people a view of their world is really cool. How you talk about the idea of beauty and how maybe we don’t always see it is something I totally agree with, the world around us is beautiful, nature is beautiful.

    • Author
      Li 11 months ago

      Thank You.

  6. Halley 12 months ago

    Hi Li! I think this post is really amazing in how it takes photography and completely flips it in a way that makes it accessible to all people. It is a beautiful concept and is very well presented. I liked that you focused on what people who are blind can do isntead of what they can’t do. Here is another article that showcases photography by blind artists:

    • Author
      Li 11 months ago

      Thank you. What is on that website is amazing.

  7. Sophie 12 months ago

    I was amazed by your article. I never knew the workings behind such an intricate peice of photography. This was such an intersting read here is another article that you may find interesting.

  8. Joseph 12 months ago

    Li, I think this discussion topic is very interesting. It’s awesome that attention is being called to this and it really changes your view on things you don’t see as possible. It was well articulated and the beauty in a blind photographer is really well discussed. Here are some interesting people and who are also blind photographers:

  9. Jacob 1 year ago

    I had not even considered something like this to even exist. Wonderfully written! I enjoyed learning about the topic and I decided to look at more on the subject. Check this out:

    • Author
      Li 11 months ago

      Thank you.

  10. Alexandra 1 year ago

    Li, I really liked your essay on blind photographers. It is something that not too many think of. My favorite line of yours was how “we ignore the beauty of things around us,” it was eloquently stated. This journal discusses the perception of beauty and I think it could help add to your argument.

    • Author
      Li 11 months ago

      Thank you

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