Hate Not the Wind — A Poem In the Style of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself”

Noel Harrison


I celebrate the life that is mine,

I love, I revel in the beauty of the world,

I’m human, I laugh, I cry.


I lie down beneath the wind,

I relax and let my mind wander, watching the clouds go by,

I reach for the wild blue, high above the land, far beyond the reach of one’s hand.


I am like a drop of water,

Calm and tranquil, like a lake beneath the moonlight.


I am like a raging waterfall,

Wild ferocity, rising fury.


Unpredictable, yet constant,

True as the rising and the falling of the sun.


When I’m by myself, I’m but a single raindrop,

Together, a roaring, mighty downpour,

Crashing bursts of thunder, flashing pulses of lightning,

The rainstorm both blights and blesses.


Hate not the wind,

The rain, the tempest,

What follows is a symphony,

Silence, stillness, and tranquility.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Hate Not the Wind — A Poem In the Style of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” by Noel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Sera 4 months ago

    I like the line “I lie down beneath the wind”.

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