What is the meaning of being an American? Some would say that there are many views and values of America. A lot going around holidays, festivals, these are just some things that personally you base your life off.

Getting into America and being free may be a main focus for some, but for me it’s the equality in a lot of things that hasn’t happened. The meaning of equality is “being equal, especially in status, and opportunities” (dictionary). The equality in getting jobs, in payment, and day to day life experiences gets harder and harder as the years go by. “People don’t get a choice of what race, what culture, what family or even where they were born. You just get put into a culture, family race, and area and you have to deal with it and make the best of it” (Gizowski 1).

We have these values for our own independence and freedoms that we desire. Sometimes they are taken advantage of, or used for better more reasons.

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Photo by Chancy Rendezvous


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