Posted by Jake on October 12, 2018

According to Statistics…

According to statistics, 100% of all gun deaths in the US are due to firearms. I am so triggered by this statistic, and there are no safe spaces around me. I am so passionate about this, we need to ban all firearms. CNN told me that firearms are literally Satan. I also believe that Christine Blasey Ford is the second coming of Jesus Christ, and if you have a problem with God being a womxn, then you are a racist bigot who deserves to die. Borders are racist in nature and should not exist. Borders are offensive to people trying to come here from Mexico, and that is NOT OK. I believe that the American flag is a symbol of a oppression and should be replaced by the Antifa flag. Antifa is a symbol of hope and equality in this country. Antifa is literally Allah, they should be given a throne made of dead Nazi scum. Abortions should be required for every family, this will make womxn more equal within the community.

#metoo #rapedbyguns #cenk #gaypride

Cenk Uygur and the “male feminists” of the progressive movement