Posted by Crismeylin on October 10, 2018

Why isn’t everyone the same?

One reason I think  everyone shouldn’t be the same is because we all made with a different type of thinking. My second reason why everybody isn’t the same is because not everybody mind work the same.Some time people have different idea different way of thinking, people never act the same as other. For example I can be so nice to people but they are others people who are not nice at all. Another example is some people like to drink others people don’t like to drink, so there is always so different in people they would always be a different in people. We all have different mind, different way of do stuff, and different way of act.

What I want to know is why people is not the same, why can we all be nice and act the same way.we should be the same, all nice person, all having a same idea about doing things to change the world, we should all be the same one, we are one world, one nation.

all fingers of a hand are not the same. Likewise, people are different.

Their mindset, thoughts, perception, way of analysing the situations, likes, dislikes etc are all different”.